Our Board

Shou Rufeng – Chairman

Appointed as Chairman on 16 August 2021, Mr Shou Rufeng also holds the position of Vice President in China Power International Development (CPID), to which he was appointed in 2016.

Having worked in the energy sector for over 22 years, Mr Shou has experience in various disciplines including finance, capital markets and international project development. Prior to his appointment to Vice President of CPID, Mr Shou held senior positions in Planning, Capital Markets and Investor Relations departments.

Mr Shou holds a Bachelor of International Accounting from the Renmin University of China and a Master of Accounting from the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences.

Turdi Rena – Non-Executive Director

Appointed as Non-Executive Director on 25 September 2020, Ms Turdi Rena is currently General Manager of Strategy and Development, China Power International Holding (CPIH). In this role, she is responsible for Strategy Planning and Business Development within CPIH.

Ms Turdi has almost 18 years’ experience in technical engineering across management, operations, development and acquisitions. Having worked extensively in both France and China, Ms Turdi has previously held the positions of General Manager of Investment at SPICOI, Deputy General Manager of Investment at SPICOI, Overseas Business Office Clerk, Account Manager, Project Manager, and Technical Engineer.

Ms Turdi’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Automative Engineering from Tsinghua University, and a Master of Detection Technology and Automation Equipment from Tsinghua University.

Zhang Yalin – Non-Executive Director

Appointed as Non-Executive Director on 2 March 2021, Mr Zhang Yalin has over 27 years’ experience working across engineering, project development, investment and asset management.

Currently Full-Time Director and Supervisor of CPID, Mr Zhang originally joined CPID in 2006 as Senior Manager of Capital Markets and Investor Relations, before being appointed Deputy Director of International Cooperation, responsible for the development of international projects. Prior to joining CPID, Mr Zhang worked for Siemens, Fortum and EDF.

Mr Zhang holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Steam Turbine) from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Rachel Watson – Executive Director

Appointed as Executive Director in July 2018, Ms Rachel Watson holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Hydro Australia and Chief Operating Officer of SPICOI Corporate Office.

Rachel joined Pacific Hydro in 2006 as a Corporate Lawyer before advancing to Executive Manager Legal, Executive Manager Finance and Legal, General Manager Group Services, and in 2017 was appointed General Manager Australia. Rachel is also Chair of the Clean Energy Council.

With over 20 years’ experience in renewables, management, commerce, and law, she has a BA/LLB (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Roger Gill – Non-Executive Director

Appointed as Non-Executive Director on 1 December 2010, Mr Roger Gill has over 35 years’ of experience across management, operations, construction and project development in the energy and water sectors. His primary focus is on hydropower, water resource management, wind power and other renewable energy development.

Prior to establishing his international consulting practice in late 2007, he was Executive General Manager at Hydro Tasmania and Chief Executive Officer of Tasmanian Railway Pty Ltd. Roger is currently a Director and Principal Consultant of Hydro Focus Pty Ltd, President and Director of the International Hydropower Association, and Chair of Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd.

Roger’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Tasmania and the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Rhoda Phillippo – Non-Executive Director

Appointed as Non-Executive Directors on 8 January 2019, Ms Rhoda Phillippo is a globally experienced executive with more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT sectors, including time with British Telecom PLC, Telecom/Gen-i (now Spark) and Vocus Communications Ltd. Rhoda also has experience in the energy sector with Shell in New Zealand (now Z Energy) and Infratil Energy Australia (Lumo Energy).

Rhoda holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and Business Management from University College London, where she was awarded the Founders Prize for best academic dissertation and the Masters Challenge Prize for leadership.

Rhoda’s previous roles include Chief Operating Officer of HRL Morrison & Co, a boutique infrastructure investment company, Executive Director of Vix Investments technology platform, Group Managing Director and Executive Chair of Vix Technology and Deputy Chair of Kiwibank. She is also currently a Non-Executive director on the Board of Datacom in New Zealand, an Alternate Director for the Future Fund’s investment in Perth Airport, and Managing Director of Raghnall Consulting Pty Ltd.