Local communities

Pacific Hydro understands the importance of being involved in the communities in which we operate. We aim to work closely, consult widely and communicate clearly with our communities.

Our projects are often located in remote areas with only limited access to basic amenities, and so this relationship is key. These communities allow us to conduct our business, and we strive to not only build and manage projects that generate a basic, but important commodity – electricity – but also to improve their social infrastructure. Whenever we can, we extend the social, environmental and financial benefits for these communities while developing wholly positive projects.

In addition to being a clean, renewable energy source that lessens our dependence on traditional fossil fuels while helping to reduce the effects of climate change, our projects generate jobs. Our wind, hydro and solar power projects engage the local workforce, businesses and landholders, creating many benefits for their respective communities. We provide an energy solution that has far-reaching benefits at the local, state and federal levels.